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Our aim was to help easyJet holidays expand their digital offerings to Switzerland. We conducted a customer-focused discovery to understand and confirm the distinct behaviors and needs of the Swiss market.


“We teamed up with easyJet holidays stakeholders and their internal agency, putting the focus on customers. We had deep conversations with stakeholders and researched at airports, train stations, and restaurants, involving over 200 customers in Switzerland. Our goal was straightforward – undertsand how customers behave, identify their needs, pain points, and make sure easyJet holidays offerings matched solved those needs. After lots of interviews and careful analysis, we used what we learned to create detailed requirements, designs, and prototypes, validating their effectiveness with the same users.”

The impact was significant. easyJet holidays, known for putting customers first, successfully entered Switzerland with a strong understanding of their audience. Through thorough research and testing prototypes, they embraced the customer voice, creating an experience that suited the Swiss market. The outcome? A smooth integration and a plan for future expansions fuelled by a deep understanding of the customer.

“TRL has supported easyJet holidays through two separate discovery projects. The first to learn about in-resort customer pain points and the second to help us establish the needs of customers for one of our key strategic projects. The latter recently helped the business establish a commercially strong MVP to take to market. TRL brought a clear methodology to the discoveries, integrating quickly and seamlessly with the business. Managing stakeholder needs and establishing a deep understanding of our challenges and operating model. I wouldn’t hesitate to TRL back to help us with subsequent projects!”

Alex Black, Head of Product

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