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The Seed Academy – TRL Charity of the Year

TRL proudly supports Seed Academy as our charity of the year. Founded by Dr. Elizabeth King, this remarkable initiative focuses on helping children who have faced abuse and learning difficulties, preventing them from turning to a life of crime. Seed Academy is dedicated to providing accommodation, education, and training to empower these children, ensuring they can positively impact their communities in the future.


At TRL, we’re using our skills to create a special website that we hope will touch the hearts of those who want to help. Our team is crafting a digital story that showcases the incredible journey of these children, filled with resilience, hope, and unwavering spirit.

In addition to the website, we hope to capture the essence of this journey through photography and film. Every frame is a snapshot of the courage and determination exhibited by the children, staff, and volunteers involved in this project. By visually documenting the construction of the orphanage and the daily lives of those it will impact, we aim to create a narrative that transcends borders and touches the hearts of a global audience.

Social media is our megaphone for change. We hope to spearhead the creation of compelling social media posts that share the joy, challenges, and triumphs of this incredible venture. We believe that by raising awareness, we can inspire compassion, garner support, and contribute to the greater good.

This charity effort has already made a bigger impact than we expected. In a recent interview with Dr. Betty King, the Chairwoman, the BBC featured the orphanage and its mission. This recognition not only shows how important the cause is but also encourages others to join us in this journey of compassion and transformation.

Join TRL on our journey of giving back! We invite you to be part of this story of hope. Together, let’s make a difference, one step at a time. Stay tuned for updates on our progress, and let’s build a wave of support that changes not only the orphanage but also the lives and futures of the kids it will help. If you want to sponsor or share your skills by teaching these kids, please reach out through the form below. For more information about The Seed Academy, please visit https://theseedacademy.live/

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